Philip is the General Manager of Socfin Agricultural Company and has over 32 years of experience working in Agricultural Operational Management in Africa. Philip joined Socfin in Sierra Leone in 2012 at the early stages in the development of the Socfin oil palm project. Philip is the co-founder of the Association and helped develop the Association as it stands today which is now recognized as an important entity, developing, lobbying and creating an improved enabling environment for the commercial agricultural sector to flourish in Sierra Leone.

Kantaro was elected treasurer of the Association at the Annual General Meeting in December 2018. Kanataro is the Financial Director of Sierra Tropical Sierra Leone. Kantaro carries out the financial management for the Association.

Ammar joined CAPPA as the Associations Executive Representative in January 2019 to take up the ever increasing role CAPPA plays within the agricultural sector in Sierra Leone. Ammar spent over 10 years in Canada where he obtained his Maters in Public Policy. Ammar is dynamic and enthusiastic in developing the agriculture sector in Sierra Leone, knowing the potential agriculture can provide to the development of Sierra Leone if the right conditions are in place. This enthusiasm drives the Associations agenda forward of improving the agricultural investment climate for its members.



Bheki was the General Manager of Sunbird until November 2017 and co-founder of the Association. He was instrumental in bringing together the commercial agriculture sector and harnessing the strength of many companies to come together with one voice. Bheki left Sunbird to take up a personal farming venture back in his country of birth, Zimbabwe.

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