CAPPA was formed in 2016 by several commercial agricultural companies operating in various areas of the country producing, or in the process of producing, bio fuels and energy, palm oil, timber, rice, seed sorghum, agri-machinery contracting services, growing and canning pineapples and processing and manufacturing juice concentrates. CAPPA membership is open to all commercial agri-business and processing companies and aims to act as the principal coordinating body representing all commercial, agricultural producers and processing companies in Sierra Leone.

Objectives of CAPPA includes the proactive interaction with its members to ensure the interests of commercial agriculture continues to be dynamic, to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of the industry in Sierra Leone. CAPPA will stimulate greater awareness of modern farming practices through improved communication between the Association, farming and agricultural communities and the Government. It also aims to recognise and promote the highest professional standards, to improve efficiencies and competitiveness for the greater good of commercial agriculture and small holder farmers throughout Sierra Leone.

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From the Chairman,


CAPPA members have taken time in their busy schedules to meet several Ministries and Ministers so far in 2019, paying courteously calls to, namely Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Agriculture, Minister of Technical & Higher Education, Minister of Lower Education, Minister of Labour and the Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

CAPPA has taken another large stride in 2019 by taking on and employing an Executive Representative for the Association who is able to engage with all the various Ministries, NGO’s and other stakeholders.

CAPPA members have also engaged Government on several issues that affect their businesses so to seek improvements and the Associations function is to link and lobby for our members in order for the business environment to improve.

As farmers, foresters and producers we are pleased that the rain came after a long dry spell resulting in stress to plants and uncontrolled fires particularly in timber and grass collection for biomass. Sensitization and enforcement is required to reduce the incidences of fire which is a risk to property but also to the environment.

Members are encouraged by Governments commitment to promote agriculture and look forward to greater interaction so to be able to increase productivity, efficiency, reduce costs of doing business and by doing so improve the lives of Sierra Leoneans, the economy as a whole and our businesses. CAPPA members subscribe to the Agricultural Trade Group Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and pay above the current minimum wage. We anticipate in 2019 additional members will join the Association to strengthen the mouth piece of agriculture, forestry and agricultural producers.

Philip Tonks



Philip Tonks - CHAIRMAN

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